NPD Cartoons

This was a cartoon I did after my friendship with a severe Borderline Personality ended. 

I didn't appreciate being treated like an object, whether it be an object of adoration at the beginning, and an object of scornful rejection at the end.  Unfair! I'm just me. How is it possible for me to go from "angel" to "devil" in a couple of years' time? Perplexing! I sympathize with people with this disorder, they really do suffer. In this friendship however, she made sure I suffered a lot as well.  

(I realized she was BPD because 1, her psychiatrist had suggested it, and 2, her actions matched the characteristics of BPD.) 

It so happened that I attended a high school production of Beauty and The Beast and the wardrobe character  Madame de la Grande Bouche seemed like the perfect illustration of a person being objectified. The people in the castle in that production had been turned into household objects by a magic spell.