Cartoons group 3

In which of late, I am inspired by DrawSomething and DrawQuest games.  

At first I couldn't figure out how to get the toolbar out of the way when drawing the facial features of Rapunzel in DrawQuest. Keeping my pen down caused the toolbar to rise out of the way. Then the fact that she now had a monobrow inspired the rest of the drawing. Prince is having second thoughts! 

I started out wanting to figure out how to make shaded stripes in ArtRage, and then it grew from there. I used a bunch of apps to get this result. The alien is in love with the vine.  

This started out as a turn in DrawSomething. I liked how the line drawing turned out, so I decided to finish it off in Sketchbook Pro. Centaur turned out looking a little creepier than I would have preferred.  

I like the liveliness of quick sketches. I've been told I have a bit of a Jules Feiffer vibe in my cartoon work. When I try to use a mannequin to get similar effect, the result looks a bit stiff. Also I dig Kate Beaton's work, who leaves construction lines in. 

Should have made this DrawQuest drawing with a claw instead of a hand. Progress, not perfection!