Here's my non-exhaustive reading list.

Not the usual stuff: Pastor Jeff Crippen's sermon series Wise As Serpents: articles and audio. How to spot the covert narcs in church and much more. Gosh darn it all most people in visible church these days are unbelievers. No wonder why the church has a bad reputation!  The real christians are starting to find new catacombs. 

Narcissists do real evil and cause real damage. One who speaks well on this is Diane Langberg, PhD. Many Youtube videos for example this one

Online Support group at Yahoo. Note: this group is un-moderated and sometimes fights break out.

Psychology today - the Topic Stream Personality has lots of good articles.

Where I got my start on the topic. I read these blogs cover-to-cover:

Optimistic sites - sites which think Narcissistic personality disorder is curable: