NPD Cartoons

Some cartoons that illustrate various facets of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. And Borderline Personality Disorder.

This is kind of how it is for the narcissist. A look-at-wonderful-me exterior, and an internal core of shame.

Any opposition to their ideas and plans are like life-threatening darts to them. Which is why they get so angry if you don't cooperate.

However, this visual analogy is not quite right. More like, the Hulk and Pinocchio are the next layer in with their anger and whopper lies, and inside that layer, is the internal "real" person who is too shameful and abhorrent to the narcissist to let anyone be able to see. It would be the death of them if anyone was able to see their real "worthlessness." Although I think they are the only ones that believe that, most folks are compassionate enough to allow for a few flaws.


Narcissistic parents alternate between ignoring, and being overly controlling.

I thought that this image worked well enough by just being a very simple sketch, so I left it like that. 

Once I tried to show a product idea to some people I knew, and the alleged NPD person dissed it because it seemed she had a need to put me down.

The other things that made me suspect NPD in that person was a pattern of
"Can you do this for me,” "You are in trouble!" and  "Look at me! Look at me!"

I love Kate Beaton's and Jules Feiffer's unfinished styles, and this is my very first experiment with doing the same kind of style.

This was a cartoon I did after my friendship with a Borderline Personality ended. 

I didn't appreciate being treated like an object, whether it be an object of adoration at the beginning, and an object of scornful rejection at the end.  Unfair! I'm just me. How is it possible for me to go from "angel" to "devil" in a couple of years' time?

(I realized she was BPD because 1, her psychiatrist had suggested it, and 2, her actions matched the characteristics of BPD.) Article

It so happened that I attended a high school production of Beauty and The Beast and the wardrobe character seemed like the perfect illustration of people being objectified. The people in the castle in that production had been turned into household objects by a magic spell.

Envy is a big part of NPD. No one is supposed to have more achievements, possessions, talent, recognition, or what have you. Because it all belongs to the narcissist, you see. 

That sense of entitlement is all a narcissist needs to actively work at destroying a person's career, marriage, and reputation.

It used to surprise me when I noticed envy towards me from others. But learning about NPD has been very helpful in understand the narcissist's motivation.

This drawing looked like a three-headed turtle at first. It didn't really work until I added the fireball.

Forearm grabs. Usually a loving gesture between friends. What might cause an aversion to such a thing?

Turns out, you can get the same symptoms as post traumatic stress disorder from long-term difficult relationships. Such as when a parent always grabs a child's arm when telling him what is best for him, and what he was going to do next. Look how loving I am being by grabbing your arm! This phenomenon is termed Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Link2 Link1